Communication Duties

Written and Verbal Communication

Answer Internal and external inquiries regarding spark in a timely manner. These communications occur via email or Spark’s social media pages including (primarily) Facebook, Instagram, (less so) Linked In, Twitter. Foster internal communication via Facebook on the Spark Leadership group page, Spark Cowork group page, and Spark kitchen group page (less so. Only things that are pertinent to the Kitchen). In these groups post about events and meetings in the space, community events, and occurrences such as building maintenance

Forwards inquiries to the appropriate person. I.E. connect kitchen manager with people interested in the kitchen.

Marketing and Outreach

Social Media:

Post on social media about various topics such as the spark leadership team, kitchen and cowork members – their respective businesses, pictures and promotion of respective goods and services, community involvement/events (local businesses, spark business partners, pictures of downtown Fairborn, events, etc.) Maintain a content calendar. Post about other things as seen fit. Light Content/graphic creation.

Coordination Duties

Schedule use of the conference rooms, main space, and demonstration kitchen for meetings, classes, and events via Spark’s google calendar. This scheduling can occur among internal personnel such as members, city staff, and approved committees or other groups. Or externally among the general public. If paid use of the space, email the financial point of contact to issue an invoice 2 weeks prior to the event, and ensure the invoice is paid 2 days prior to the event. Email the guest 2 days prior to the event to arrange key pick up for the space.

Attends meetings/takes phone calls regarding event rental or partnership with community businesses interested in hosting events.

Post about events, meetings, and maintenance in the Spark Leadership and Spark Cowork Facebook groups.

Ensure the space is ready for events (clean, bathrooms are stocked, etc.)

Hospitality Duties: 

The core of the community manager’s role is hospitality. Communication and coordination are the means that serve to organize the logistics to create a pleasant experience at Spark.

Performs day-to-day operations tasks such as performing daily checks of the space for cleanliness, restocking paper goods such as paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues. Restocking coffee or snacks as needed. Ensuring trash is tended to. Ensuring bathrooms are tidy and fully stocked.

Retrieves mail and forwards to the appropriate party. Performs weekly cleaning routine of Spark